Leap of faith

In this day and age, some would regard faith as obsolete. I haven’t been the most religious person, I don’t go to church or read the bible (not anymore). But I still believe in God, I still have faith. Sometimes, I still pray and thank Him for all the blessings and ask guidance.

Not so recently, I quit my 4 year employment because #priorities. I didn’t have a high paying job but it was enough to help my husband to get us by. I had to quit because I can’t always be on leave to take care of the baby, my flexibility at work can only be stretched to a certain point and I know my boss’s patience was running thin.

Without any plans, I handed my resignation letter. I was scared, really, but what else can I do? I’ve exhausted all resources to get a replacement nanny, to no avail. Some of those we found, we cannot afford. I know my husband was concerned how my decision will impact our small family financially but I never heard anything, he was there to support me all the way (huhu I cry).

Shortly after I left (three days to be exact), I got an invite for an interview with an Australian client via Upwork. It was my only shot to helping my husband again. So without hesitation, I accepted the interview. I applied as a Research Assistant/Event Planner, but to simply put it, Virtual Assistant.

To be perfectly honest, I have been looking for a homebased job since I got pregnant but I never got lucky. So just imagine my excitement when I received an Upwork notification. The timing was impeccable, just when we needed it most.

Long story short, I landed the job and have been with the same client for three months now. Occasionally, I get random invites from different clients to which I had to decline (sayang) because I don’t have the resources yet to do mutiple jobs.

With my client, I only work 4 hours a day plus 1 hour break. I get paid every two weeks which is decent enough to cover things that we need. My client is very family oriented, he understands that I would sometimes need to attend to family matters (my daughter’s meltdown, doctor’s appointment and stuff) so my time is somewhat flexible.

Really, there is no reason for me to complain but a lot to be thankful for. We still get a lot of help from family, both sides have been really supportive and I can never thank them enough for it.

So to all struggling moms out there, those who can’t seem to put it together, have faith and believe that God will provide. It’s not going to be easy but He’ll guide you through it.

If you are afraid of taking risks, that is OK. We’re all afraid and we need all the support we can get. If you’re more comfortable making your research first, I encourage you to join groups such as FHMoms on Facebook. Since it’s a mommy community, you get to talk to others who may have the same story as yours. Mommy groups as I’ve experienced, from the vast majority, are very welcoming and helpful. Keep strong and know that you can get through it.



Hello [there] Kitty

You don’t have to go to Hong Kong or Japan to dine in Hello Kitty Cafe. The Uptown Mall’s Hello Kitty Cafe will officially open on July 21, 2017. But curious folks can drop by Uptown mall for their soft opening.


This place will fulfill your Hello Kitty dreams. From their French interior of pastels and gold to their garnish, everything shouts Hello Kitty.


We went there last Sunday with my one year old daughter and she couldn’t be any happier. The little girl inside me was also giddy when we stepped inside the cafe.

We ordered Roasted Pumpkin Soup, Pink Carbonara and Salmon Dill Sandwich. The experience from the friendly staff to the food deserves a thumbs up. I was voting against eating the food that were served because they were just too pretty.

The Pink Carbonara isn’t pink at all to be honest. It was served heart-shaped with pink dressing swirls around it that tasted like cream (maybe). It also came with a poached egg with Hello Kitty’s face on it.


The Roasted Pumpkin Soup was also served with swirls around the edge of the plate that tasted like mayo and cheese combined. Typically, pumpkin soups come with a slice of toasted bread, here it came with a roasted slice of pumpkin instead with Hello Kitty’s face carved in it. I especially love the alfalfa that went well with their creamy soup.


The Salmon and Dill was an open face smoked salmon sandwich on a bed of green salad. This has got to be the prettiest among our ordered food. It can be a little underwhelming though as it gave the impression that the serving might be a bit tad smaller than expected. But looks can be deceiving, the wheat bread alone was enough to make my husband feel full. Then there was the salad, I especially love the vinaigrette.


All of the three mentioned above came with Hello Kitty’s ribbon as an edible garnish. All of which tasted buttery but contrary to the usual butter texture, it felt almost jelly-like.

We ordered dessert just so we could buy more time to stay inside the cafe while my daughter was nursing and I’m glad we did. My husband and I shared an order of their Belgian Biskies – a chocolate cookie with buttercream and meringue topping. Though it didn’t taste exactly like, it reminded me of meringue with double Gruyere cream.


All in all, the experience was great! A bit pricey which is expected since you’re also paying for both service and experience. I will definitely want to visit again, but probably when there’s something to celebrate.

Those good-to-knows:

  • they currently only have one highchair available
  • they sit people in a first-come-first-serve basis (when your name is called and you aren’t there, your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list)